Window Cleaning Company in Wayne, NJ

Nobody likes smudged, dirty windows, and that’s exactly why everyone loves a quality window cleaning company! Innovation Power Washing is ready to be at your service!

Window Washing Services Near Me in Wayne, NJ

When you’re looking out your windows, only to see a haze of dirt and grime, you may begin to daydream of window washing services. It sure would be nice if a full-service company would come and clean your windows for you, wouldn’t you say? The good news is you can make this dream a reality. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call your window washing friends at Innovation Power Washing! Let us know about your windows, and we’ll be able to prepare a cost estimate for you to consider. If you like this price, you can actually book an appointment right then and there! (If you’re shy about phone calls, you’re free to contact us online, too.) We are open seven days a week, meaning there’s never a bad day to reach out to us and let us know you need our help. Keep in mind that we are open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

When it’s time for your appointment, we’ll be there with a well-dressed team and all the equipment we need for the job. You see, you can’t wash windows with any old water because so much of it is filled with microscopic minerals. Spraying down your windows with that sort of window wouldn’t make them truly clear. This is why we use a reverse osmosis system, in conjunction with a water fed pole, to wash your windows with the cleanest, clearest water possible. That way, you can look through your windows and see clearly. No stains. No smudges. Just the satisfaction of knowing that Innovation Power Washing did a good job for you at a fair and affordable price!

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Window Cleaning Services Near Me
In Wayne, NJ

Water Fed Pole in Wayne, NJ

What is a water fed pole? Good question. It’s basically a long cleaning apparatus that we use to wash your windows, including those that are higher up on your home or commercial building. Using a reverse osmosis system, we spray down each glass pane with clean, sediment-free water, providing you with the best shine possible. 

Two-Story Window Cleaning in wayne, NJ

When your windows are so high up, you may begin to question the possibility of two-story window cleaning. Well, everything is possible with Innovation Power Washing! Our water fed poles reach high into the sky, and even if your windows are still out of reach despite that, we can also bring along ladders. We’ll keep a tight hold of our ladders as we climb up because safety is our number one priority.

Exterior Window Cleaning in Wayne, NJ

Exterior window cleaning is an important service because it’s not only you who looks through the windows on your property. Passersby see them too, and this is definitely worth keeping in mind if you’re concerned about a commercial property that needs to attract customers. Make sure your windows are clean and attractive with help from our full-service team. We’ll leave them sparkling—and leave you feeling confident that Innovation Power Washing is your neighborhood’s best window cleaning business.

Residential and Commercial Window Washing Company Near Me

As a professional window washing company, you’d be hard-pressed to find a project that we’ll turn down. That’s because our team of experts is ready to wash just about any windows you point at. For example, if you need help cleaning up the windows around your home, we’ll come racing to your rescue. We take on residential window cleaning appointments almost every week, so trust us—we’ve got the window washing experience we need to satisfy your needs. On top of this, we also provide window washing for our commercial clients.

It’s important to keep your windows clean for potential customers if you’re running a store because, well, you’ve heard the phrase “window shopping” before, haven’t you? Make sure those windows are pristine so that when customers look through them, there’s not a film of grease and grime holding them back. Our commercial window cleaning is important not just for stores, but for restaurants, offices, and rental properties, too. Property managers in Wayne, NJ and other surrounding areas are invited to call us to book an appointment. We’d be happy to clean the windows at your apartment complexes, real estate, and more!

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